This is my story…

But before I tell you my experience how I started on Amazon, let me ask you a question:

Amazon – could YOU be part of the biggest e-commerce business?

Yes, only you can answer the question above.
And I have no intention to convince you anything because everyone is writing his own life story through
decisions and actions he or she takes. But maybe my story can help you in finding the right answer.

I started completely from scratch with no prior knowledge about Amazon
and selling physical products online.
Only after 7 months of selling on Amazon I and my partners were already
making almost 10.000$ per months in sales with a single product.

Before I started I had so many doubts. I did not have my own product
and not even an idea what that could be.
The only thing I had was a big desire to make the additional income via the Internet.

Searching on the Internet, I noticed a series of webinars on how to start building
a business on Amazon from scratch, in a step by step manner.
But I wasn’t sure whether this series of webinars could be my door to knowing
how to sell on Amazon or is that yet another scam on the Internet.
So I phoned my colleague Jay, who was already doing very well on Amazon
and who also started doing business on Amazon with the same series of webinars.

My first question was: “Jay, is it true that those webinars are so good?
Or do you think I might be able to start selling on Amazon without it?
Tell me honestly, what you have learned from them? ”

His comment was: “Bo, don’t even try to do it on your own, without any knowledge.
You will make too many mistakes and you will waste too much money and time
before you even choose the right product to sell on Amazon.
Those webinars we are talking about enabled me to build my strong business on Amazon.”

I believed him. My doubts were slowly disappearing because he was really making it on Amazon.
So I enrolled in those series of webinars and started from scratch.
I eagerly followed the instructions of the webinars, doing things step by step.

After three months of dedicated work, I put my first product on Amazon.
And ….
… and nothing happened.
Somehow it didn’t work. My doubts were coming back to me.

But deep inside me, I had a thought: “I know I’m on the right track”.
Now I realize exactly how things are run on Amazon. I know I’m going in the right direction.
Not every business is successful from the very beginning and I am in this business for 3 months only.
So I decided not to quit.
I started to look for another product, something that will fit in with the instructions in the webinars
AND also something that I was feeling passionate about.

Another 3 months have passed.
But when I put my second product on Amazon within a few weeks,
I landed on the first page with my product in its category on Amazon.
Being on the first page on Amazon means that your sales can really do well.

Sales actually began to rise, and soon reached almost $ 10,000 monthly revenue
with only one product*.
It happened exactly what it was always emphasized in the series of webinars.
Do something every day, follow the proven procedure and persevere.

This series of webinars will be available soon, to be exact, on 10th October 2018.

Is this series of webinars suitable for you?
You definitely can succeed…
… but things not always go the way you plan.

If you like the first part of the answer, then these webinars are something worth checking.

The road to success is tortuous, sometimes steep and not always as you plan.
A true perseverance is all that it counts. And, of course, be aware that only the new knowledge
can produce real changes in your life.

Bo Nardin

*These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016
who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.

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